v2.1.7.0: A plot to abduct Chuckles! Nintendo DS?!

You spoke, and phantomfighter listened. The few of you inspired enough to rummage through decades of belongings, hoping that cd rot had not yet claimed your beloved Ultima Collection discs, know the rare joy of Ultima VII on the Sony PSP. You also know the unjoy of trying to pick up a 3×3 pixel ring or trying to trigger a hidden lever two pixels wide. 😉

Priorities shifted a bit, and attention was turned to ensuring everyone was able to best enjoy the experience. The most immediate impediment to that complete experience was the analog control. A great deal of effort went into revamping the controls, and testing the new scheme. I played through the entire Forge of Virtue addon under the light of stars tonight, and it’s that much better when the controls aren’t an obstacle.

I think you’ll much appreciate this build.

My kindest thanks to the two virtuous lads thus far who have contributed donations, and an apology, for having to suffer sponsored ads on the site. We are still quite a long way from being able to get phantomfighter a dedicated psp, something much deserved, but with luck, we’ll get there.

Better things to come. What’s this about a DS port? 😉

Show ya support! Let us know what ya think!

I am, and ever shall be, thy servant Arcadion.

ExultPSP History v2.1.7.0

ExultPSP Readme v2.1.7.0

ExultPSP Release v2.1.7.0

Note: Default .cfg included in package, be careful not to overwrite your own should it exist.

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