Worthiness Precedes Reward!

Kindest thanks to a generous lad this New Year, Chris from The Artful Gamer parted with a Nintendo DS Lite in an unmatched show of support for our efforts. What could come of this indeed. :)

Building comfort, however slim. :)

Version v2.1.8 20071008

A small update, with much requested inverted run/walk and some bug fixes. :)

Now that I’ve scoured every nook and cranny of Britannia on the psp, think it’ll soon be time to follow the unwitting human female Gwenno to the Serpent Isle?


v2.1.7.0: A plot to abduct Chuckles! Nintendo DS?!

You spoke, and phantomfighter listened. The few of you inspired enough to rummage through decades of belongings, hoping that cd rot had not yet claimed your beloved Ultima Collection discs, know the rare joy of Ultima VII on the Sony PSP. You also know the unjoy of trying to pick up a 3×3 pixel ring or trying to trigger a hidden lever two pixels wide. 😉

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Announcement: ExultPSP Available for Download

Ultima VII. One of the best CRPGs that has inspired or influenced most modern CRPGs. What happens when a golden oldie meets one of the hottest gaming handhelds in modern history? You get to relive a classic in style.

Introducing a port of Exult to the Playstation Portable platform, a framework that allows you to play Ultima VII: The Black Gate / Forge of Virtue as well as Serpent Isle / The Silver Seed.

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“Ultima VII in particular was a key influence for me, in how open the world could be”

Todd Howard, Executive Producer, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

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