When Old Meets New: PS4Retro

Thought I’d knock the dust off this blog today, it’s been a long time!

So I saw a tweet by John Carmack the other day, he posted a picture of an old Atari 2600 sitting atop the new Sony PS4:


My mind filled with both wonder and nostalgia at the sight. The venerable Atari had a whopping 128 bytes of ram, running a 6507 blazing away at 1.19mhz. It was my first console, and I loved the thing. I can’t help but marvel at the technological leaps and engineering wizardry since then. I also can’t help but imagine a diabolical mash-up seeing those two consoles so close together! So, I fired up Photoshop and this is where my imagination took me:

When Old Meets New: PS4Retro

The more I stare at it, the more I want it. If only I had some case modding skills! Hope you new PS4 owners and Atari fans of yore get a kick out of it.


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