V2.2-SLIM: Captain Stokes Leaked Edition

Gannt the Bard sent word from beyond the veil that Captain Stokes, famed for plundering Origin, has leaked a new version of ExultPSP from the comfort of his haunt in the Knight’s Forest!

It’s been a while, but after much work and testing, here it is. A SLIM version of Exult with support for Ultima 7: Part 2 – Serpent Isle. The improvements are vast, some documented (see the screenshots), some not (TV-OUT). :) Phantom Fighter’s computer blew up, which significantly delayed development time as source code was lost in the debacle. This version has been tested thoroughly, both games, and both addons are 100% working. Please enjoy, and share your experience with us!

ExultPSP Release v2.2 Slim History

ExultPSP Release v2.2 Slim Readme

ExultPSP Release v2.2 Slim

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