A treatise on hardware limitations. :)

ExultPSP is *fully* playable, and your save data will work on updated versions. I played a stretch of 5 hours last night without memory running out. The reason this is a concern to begin with, is twofold.

A) PSP has 32 megs of memory, of which the OS uses 8 megs, but you can temporarily sieze 4 megs, which we do for exultPSP (hence the suspend warning, because if you suspend, the OS takes that 4 megs back and wipes it out clean). So we’re looking at 28 useable in total, but this doesnt account for Exult’s own footprint, which is about 3 megs, not including the memory it requires for it’s variables and such leaving us with maybe ~20 to play with. By the time you start the game, we’re probably looking at over 9 megs consumed (not including exults own footprint) after the intial graphics, sounds, maps are loaded, that figure of ~20 is roughly halved.

B) Exult has exorbitant memory usage, something not appreciable until you begin looking under the hood. About cache loading throughout gameplay, memory stick read write time can be dreadfully slow. This is why the initial boot takes quite a deal of time. If you happen to be using a bootleg memory stick or a slow sony brand, expect a deficient experience. Exult was programmed with the comfort of hard drive access speed in mind, so certainly there was little effort in making it efficient. By the time Exult starts, it has already actively opened ~18-20 files. This is something the PSP *cannot* even do from memstick (extremely limited number of file handles) which makes Exult on PSP *impossible*, without the filesystem manager PF put in place.

So really, it’s no suprise there hasnt been an Exult port since the inception of PSP homebrew.

Sleep mode. We need all the memory we can get, which is why you don’t currently have the luxury of sleep mode. It’s a fair trade. This will probably be fixed in a future release, if feasible, but because you can save anywhere and exit, it’s not high priority.

Analog control will be improved, it isn’t linear, but indeed analog. The next release will likely feature an improvement. :)

I hope this spare insight provides a better means to appreciate the massive effort involved in getting Exult running as well as it does even in the first release, on your PSPs. And I hope, those of you who truly enjoy the experience will consider donating a bit so Phantom Fighter, who is poor as Paws :) , can get his own PSP.

Until next time, listen to thine inner voice,

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